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LHPH: Dealer Employee Buy-In

Kevin Londerholm  |  May 26, 2020

Used car leasing offers an answer to the challenge of affordability and performance.  Thanks to the incorporation of the residual value in the lease, a LHPH dealer can offer the same monthly payment on the lease of a vehicle with a $11,000 agreed upon value  as a BHPH dealer can offer on a vehicle with an $8,000 sales price.  Both deals provide the consumer the same monthly payment, down payment, and the same 36-month term.  However, the LHPH dealer can offer a newer vehicle, with lower miles, likely to last the entire term, and result in better portfolio performance over time.

Watch as Nick, our experienced LHPH Dealer, explains that after educating his staff on the benefits of the LHPH program for their customers, his employees truly bought into the in-house lease product.

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