LHPH Capital Partners with Dealer controlled leasing 

Dealer Controlled Leasing (DCL) is a Turnkey program designed by new car dealers for new car dealers who want to dominate and serve the subprime market. You may be thinking, "What benefits does a new car dealer gain from adding a leasing company?" To name a few: increase sales, sales tax and federal income tax benefits, customer retention, new income source, etc. 

a Powerful Subprime Program For New Car Dealerships

  •  DCL provides the dealer the technology & infrastructure to build their own subprime leasing company, along with best practices, training & support.
  •  The DCL business model provides your customers a path to transition to near prime or prime credit and return to purchase within 12-24 months.
  •  Access to preferred capital providers

Your Turnkey Package includes 



  • Automated mileage tracking
  • Integrated GPS and starter interrupt technology
  • 24/7 On-line payments
  • Ability to report to Equifax, TransUnion & Experian
  • Single entry accounting
  • Integrated insurance tracking


Training & Support

  • Seasoned personnel in retail, collections and subprime operations
  • 40+ years of automotive retail experience
  • 40+ years providing subprime technology, training, and consulting
  • Opened over 400+ subprime dealerships
  • Trained over 20,000 subprime professionals


Credit Education

  • Dedicated Credit Coaches available for Q&A throughout the lifetime of the program
  • Positive credit accounts are analyzed to make recommendations on how to proactively improve your credit profile (credit cards, loans, balances etc.)
  • Customized recommendations are made to significantly improve your credit in as little as 45 day
  • We ask the creditors to verify that information is reporting accurately

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