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Lease Here Pay Here Dealer Panel

Kevin Londerholm | January 14, 2020

Every year at the LHPH Summit, our Lease Here Pay Here Dealers reflect on the progress they made in achieving the goals they laid out for their dealerships.  Examples of some goals include revamping their underwriting procedures, opening a new location, increasing portfolio size, or decreasing net charge offs. The goals created by our LHPH Dealers are measurable and they use their weekly team meetings throughout the year to keep their staff focused on the right areas within the business.  Creating a platform at the LHPH Summit to openly discuss past success and/or shortcomings allows the dealers to hold themselves accountable and receive valuable advice from their experienced peers in the industry.  Tim Lawrence, LHPH COO, presented the Dealer Panel in the short video below.  Stay tuned as we highlight our LHPH Dealers and the progress they made in achieving their dealership goals!

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