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Lease-Here Pay-Here and Dealer Management Software

Trevor Watson | January 28, 2020

When it comes to LHPH, not all Dealer Management Software (DMS) is created equally.  There is no shortage of DMS systems that are capable of handling a Buy-Here Pay-Here operation, but only a handful that are compatible with Lease-Here Pay-Here.  The ability to properly calculate and print a lease, handle residuals, manage pay-as-you-go sales tax, and amortize the lease correctly are all important pieces of a successful DMS for LHPH.

Identifying and implementing a lease-friendly DMS system is the first step for any dealer looking to enter or transition to LHPH.

We have identified five DMS systems that our dealer customers have vetted and use currently to manage their Lease-Here Pay-Here businesses.  As more DMS providers add lease modules to their platforms that prove out, we will continue to update the list.  Download our free E-Book to learn which DMS systems have the ability to help you launch your LHPH program.


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