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Launching Your Lease-Here, Pay-Here Program

Trevor Watson | November 11, 2019

The barriers to entry for Lease-Here, Pay-Here are not as numerous, or as difficult, as many dealers believe.  In the end, there are only three hurdles holding back dealers from enjoying all the benefits LHPH has to offer their customers and their dealerships. Those three hurdles are:

  • Your Dealer Management System (DMS)
  • Access to Capital
  • Fear of the Unknown – The benefits are clear, but switching from a BHPH model they have used for years to a LHPH model involves change…and change can be frightening

If you follow these “how-to” steps and engage the resources provided throughout our free E-Book, you will find you can create your own LHPH program and take advantage of all the opportunities this model can offer you, your dealership, and your customers.

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