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Where Do You Fall in This Inventory Graph?
Can the Leasing Model Be More Advantageous for Your Dealership?
Combating Increased Car Prices
Residual Cash Flow and Profitability
Is your Collateral Bankruptcy Remote?
5 Customer Retention Opportunities When Leasing
Are You a Pay-As-You-Go State?
Bonus Depreciation vs. Straight-Line Depreciation
How to Keep Your Customer Payment Affordable
What Is Your Competitive Advantage For 2022?
What Fees Can I Include In a Lease?
Tim Lawrence on The Independent Dealer Podcast
Collections and Social Media Direct Message
Technology Solutions Set by Pandemic Are Quickly Becoming Standard Practice
We Are On Youtube!
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We Are On Youtube!
Dealer POV: How Do you Use Depreciation Benefits For Your Program?
Skyrocket Your Cash Flow
When To Start Reviewed or Audited Financial Statements
Coming to Terms with Rising Terms
CPA POV: What are the primary areas of financial reports that stick out the most to you?
Are You Going to the NIADA Conference?
Lease Structure Template
How To Use Our Cash Flow Template
Resource Page
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Resource Page
When To Use Operating vs. Capital Lease Accounting
What Adjustments Are Made To Financials To Get a Taxable Income Number?
Tax Depreciation Benefits of Leasing Explained
Q&A with Nick Markosian
How Does Depreciation Impact Taxable Income and Depreciation Payments?
What Are the Sales Tax Advantages of Operating in a Pay-A-You-Go State
Maximize Profit Through People
Auto Remarketing Podcast with Chief Economist Tom Kontos
The Effects of Term Adjustment in a BHPH Loan vs. Lease
Three Reasons Leasing Differentiates Your Dealership
Affordability Is Driving Lease Programs
Joe Segrave: The Dealer Perspective of Affordability
How Do New Car Prices Affect Subprime Affordability?
Changing Regulatory Environment FREE Full Download
Getting in Front of Compliance
Insight to the Biden Era – Compliance Edition
Highlights of Updated FDCPA Guidance
What is the FDCPA?
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What is the FDCPA?
LHPH E-book 2021 Edition
Does BHPH and LHPH Fall Under the Same Compliance Regulations?
Appreciation for Depreciation
Lease Structure FREE Full Length Webinar
Lease Contract Demo
How To Calculate a Lease By Hand?
How Are Used Car Price Increases Affecting Dealerships?
Lease Variables
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Lease Variables
How To Set Residual Values?
Ideal Lease Structure
Lease Contract vs. RISC?
KPI Best Practices for New and Existing Dealers
KPI Full Webinar Download!
Lease-Here, Learn-Here: Episode 1
Congrats to the LHPH Capital Team and Our Dealer Partners!
How to Tracks KPIs Without a Software Program
Black Book Market Update
Simple Guidance for You in Daily KPIs
Daily vs. Monthly KPIs
Software Programs That Assist in LHPH KPIs
3 Hurdles for Tracking KPIs and How to Conquer Them
Want To Learn More About Cash Flow?
Charge Off Best Practices
8 Insights Into the Automotive Industry for 2021
What Does Received Cash Look Like in LHPH vs. BHPH?
Why Should You Switch to Operating Lease Accounting?
Recognizing Non-Cash Items in Your Financial Statements
What Is the Best Way For a Dealer to Forecast Cash Flow?
New Year, New Opportunities!
Cultivate Customer Loyalty in Your Leasing Program
Why Make the Transition from BHPH to LHPH? 
Gearing Up for Tax Return Season
LHPH Capital – Come Join Us!
LHPH Virtual Summit 2020
Katz, Sapper & Miller Breakdown the Possible Tax Implications of the Presidential Election
LHPH: Affordability and Performance
Why LHPH in Today’s Market? Pandemic Upends Credit Scorecards and Drives Subprime Auto Lower
Converting from BHPH to LHPH
NIADA Convention 2020 – LHPH Capital
Black Book Projects Lower Supply and Higher Valuations on Used Cars for Next Four Years
LHPH vs BHPH with George Klinke
LHPH: Bonus Depreciation
BHPH to LHPH: Make the Switch!
LHPH and BHPH Take Market Share in Subprime Market
2020 NIADA | NABD Virtual Convention
Consumer Leasing During COVID
Collections: Lessons from the Last Six Months
Lease-Here, Pay-Here: DMS
Agility, Technology, and Resilience in LHPH
Reg M: Consumer Leasing
Lease-Here, Pay-Here – Bankruptcy Remote
LHPH: Dealer Management Software
New and Used Inventory Crunch – How LHPH Helps
Auto Remarketing Podcast
Lease Here Pay Here Success
Top 10 Benefits of Lease-Here, Pay-Here
Lease Accounting
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Lease Accounting
Subscription Services During the COVID Crisis
Used Car Prices Continue Up – More Subprime Affordability Challenges Ahead?
LHPH: Insurance & Liability
LHPH: Dealer Employee Buy-In
Lease Here Pay Here Programs
Federal Income Tax Advantage of Lease-Here, Pay-Here
The LHPH Advantage
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The LHPH Advantage
LHPH Sales Tax Advantage
The Future of Subprime Auto Finance
From Retail to LHPH
Why Lease? Why Now? Cash Flow.
Lease-Here Pay-Here: Mike North, CPA
Dealer Resources for COVID-19 Pandemic
LHPH – I Have a CFO and So Can You
How to set your Residual Values for Lease-Here, Pay-Here
Lease Here Pay Here – Average Deal
Lease Here Pay Here – Inventory Sourcing
Annual NVLA 2020 Conference
Lease-Here Pay-Here and Dealer Management Software
LHPH Dealer – Nick Markosian
Lease Here Pay Here Dealer Panel
How to Reduce Your Average Term with Lease-Here, Pay-Here
Driving LHPH Into the Future
Operating Lease Accounting Handbook for Lease-Here, Pay-Here
LHPH Insights from Katz, Sapper & Miller
Looking for more information on Lease-Here, Pay-Here and LHPH Capital?
A BHPH Veteran Operator talks to AutoRemarketing about LHPH
BHPH vs LHPH Benchmarks
Lease-Here, Pay-Here a Counter-Cyclical Program for Dealers
Launching Your Lease-Here, Pay-Here Program
Lease-Here, Pay-Here Differentiation
Thirty Leases Per Month with Two Turns of Your Fleet
Bonus Depreciation
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Bonus Depreciation
Flexibility to Adapt to Changing Market Conditions
Lease vs. Loan 101
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Lease vs. Loan 101
Lease-Here, Pay-Here and Consumer Affordability as Used Car Prices Rise
LHPH: Collateral Control Benefits
Lease-Here, Pay-Here with EVP George Klinke
Are You Cash Negative at the Inception of a BHPH Deal Due to Sales Tax?
LHPH Dealership Interview – Markosian Auto
LHPH Frequently Asked Questions
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Understanding Lease-Here, Pay-Here
LHPH E-Book – Now Available for Download!
LHPH Training School – NIADA
LHPH Deal Structure
2018 NABD Conference – Is LHPH a Better Alternative?
The Language Of Lease-Here Pay-Here
Top 5 Lease-Here Pay-Here Advantages
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