Read about dealers who broke the BHPH mold!

Disrupt your BHPH market with a leasing program! 

Being a Buy-Here, Pay-Here dealer in today’s market is a challenge. While the industry has never been the option for those seeking an “easy path,” the last two years have thrown new and constantly changing obstacles at BHPH dealers ranging from business shutdowns to the collapse of used car inventory and the associated historic rise of used car prices. How can you become more innovative for the future? Check out these dealers who broke the BHPH mold with a leasing program. 

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Variations in Lease Structure

Each dealership is unique and is specialized to their specific market which is why there are different ways to structure a lease. Listen to current LHPH dealers speak on what method they prefer!

April Infographic FDCPA

What is the FDCPA?

Attorney Ed Kaye breaks down the 600+ page document into five categories of advertisement and proper way to advertise while staying compliant.

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Appreciation for Depreciation

LHPH Capital team members Trevor Watson and Eyo Toe have written an editorial in BHPH Dealer Magazine on appreciating depreciation! Check out it out in the April Issue here!

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Shorten Term & Increase ACV

Nick Markosian, CEO of Markosian Auto, talks about how leasing has elevated his dealership by increasing his average ACV, shortening terms, and newer model year. Nick explains some of the benefits of affordability and why it makes the LHPH model so appealing.

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KPI Best Practices

Listen to some of our best practices for tracking key performance indicators from the risk and financial perspective whether you are a new or existing dealer!

Tax Depreciation

Tax Depreciation benefits 

Check out this article explaining how tax depreciation benefits are far greater with an LHPH program.